This beautiful collection of pictures is not owned by me. I have searched it on internet and uploaded it here to share it with you. I don’t know who has the copyright of these pictures. All the credit and respect goes to the person who has collected these pictures.

Quaid and Fatima Jinnah on the dinner Fatima Jinnah Rare pic of Miss Fatima Jinnah Quaid with Miss Fatima Jinnah and Begum Rahimtoola in #Bombay in 1940s. Fatima Jinnah, the sister of the founder of Pakistan, is seen in the centre of this image from  Lahore in 1951. To her right is Munira Iqbal, the daughter of Allama Iqbal. The founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, signing an autograph. 546434_300560713348172_1508946099_n (1)  Quaid and Fatima Jinnah 559028_300561666681410_745907109_n 485287_300561696681407_750461476_n Quaid e Azam with Mahatma Gandhi 541313_300561340014776_1783458316_n 292961_300561270014783_585074056_n  553327_300560680014842_522602900_n534476_300561196681457_330689141_n   295087_300560813348162_1098322197_n 523255_300560796681497_1580229965_n 556610_300560783348165_2044977364_n 546434_300560713348172_1508946099_n403824_300560960014814_1155730109_n533110_300561243348119_351857047_n527252_300561146681462_990763305_n


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