Rahim Yar Khan

Rahim Yar Khan city is one of the few cities in the world that are still at their pioneering places since the formation like London and Damascus. It has been renamed customarily amid last 5000 years, first available (on record) name was AROR or ALOR, and then it became City of Pattan, Phul Wada, Noshehra and now Rahim Yar Khan.Rahim Yar Khan was declared as a separate administration district in 1943. The district derives its name from its headquarter Rahim Yar Khan. The previous name of this district was Naushehra, which was built in 1875 A.D by Fazal Elahi Halani on the ruins of the ancient Pul-Wadda during the Sumra supremacy in Sindh. In the year 1881, the Railway Authorities desired to change the name of a railway station in the name of a town called Nowshera situated in Peshawar district. Consequently in 1881 to avoid any confusion because of similar nomenclature Nawab Sadiq Khan-IV of Bahawalpur also changed the name of the sub-division Naushera after the name of his first son Rahim Yar Khan.

Rahim Yar Khan is one of the modern district headquarter cities in Punjab. Although the city seems a far off place to those living in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad, but the city has very good civic facilities. It is connected with rest of Pakistan by air, rail and road and all types of telecommunication links are available. The city has good educational facilities in public and private sector and Sheikh Zayed Medical College is the latest addition to these.


Dear viewer here is another treat for you from Sights and Sounds of Pakistan. In this video you will see a typical Pakistani cargo/freight train passing through Rahim Yar Khan Railway Station. Enjoy the video and please do comment and LIKE!!

Passenger train arriving at Rahim Yar Khan railway station. Time 8.30 AM. Temprature: 1 °C.

Additional info provided by SA Shoab:

The passenger train is actually either awam express(14 dn) or Allama Iqbal Express (10 Dn). The locomotive is a chinese imported diesel unit by the name of Dhalian Pakistan Universal (DPU). It is a 3000 hp engine capable of pulling more than 24 coaches. Due to their sensitive design and technology, these locomotives couldn’t survive the pakistani railway network and the ignorance of railway engineers. Hence only a few remain, I think about 16-18 out the 40 that came in 2004.Your videos are very good. Please keep posting more, really appreciate your efforts to promote Pakistan.


S.A. Shoaib

What you see in the video is the outskirt of Rahim Yar Khan.


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