Dates vendor – Khajoor Wala Beadon Road market, Lahore, Pakistan 

My trip to Lahore in 2014. I di dfilm this video at about 1 am. Yes you did read it correct about 1 am.  As you can see it is very lively and people are out on the street buying ice cream and other stuff.

Chaman Ice Cream Lahore

The Chaman Ice Cream Shop opened its doors in 1974 at the 1 Beadon Road, The Mall Lahore Pakistan with the 1st flavor of Kalfa Ice Cream. Its gourmet ice creams where we prepared fresh each day the cup or hand packed to take home. The company founder, Haji Sadiq “Chaman Ice Cream” dreamed of marketing a premium ice cream which would be unsurpassed. Thus the name “Chaman Ice Cream” … and the creamy, indulgent recipe that is still used today. Popularity of Chaman Ice Cream delicious products grew rapidly. It didn’t take long for Chaman Ice Cream to outgrow its small space at 1 Beadon Road The Mall Lahore. Through the years, Chaman’s made numerous expansions, each time into larger, more efficient manufacturing facilities. Right in the heart of Lahore, Chaman’s of products have grown through the years. Presently, there are over 40 different products/flavors that bear the Chaman’s name. The company also manufactures private label lines and distributes them. Chaman’s original, classic recipes are daily reminders of the company’s dedication to quality. That dedication influences the company’s focus on the future as it develops new business opportunities and continues to be innovative and sensitive to consumers’ changing needs. Unique flavors and products, like Pista Ice Cream, Koya Khajoor as well as delicious healthful ice cream alternatives such as No Sugar Added Reduced Fat Ice Cream sweetened and specialty items like Chaman Smarty are ways for Chaman’s to express its creativity, talents and leadership.

Walk to Wagah Border Lahore Pakistan – واہگہ‎ – 

India-Pakistan Wagah border and amusing display of one-upmanship! The India–Pakistan Border, known locally as the International Border (IB), is the international boundary between India and Pakistan that demarcates the Indian states of Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat from the Pakistani provinces of Punjab and Sindh. Pakistan borders India in the east. The border resulted from the Partition of India in 1947, which resulted in the two states of India and (West and East) Pakistan. The Line of Control (LoC) separates The Indian administered Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistan administered Azad Kashmir.

Lahore Ring Road

The Lahore Ring Road (LRR) is an 85-km long 6-lane high-speed limited-access or controlled-access orbital motorway around Lahore, Pakistan. It is linked to the M-2 Motorway and the N5 National Highway.

For those who cannot wait the RING ROAD will start at 4:10 🙂

Salient features:

Map of Lahore showing major roads
Length: 85km  –   Lanes: 6 lanes

Speed limit: Universal minimum speed limit of 80 km/h and a maximum speed limit of 100 km/h for heavy transport vehicles and 120 km/h for light transport vehicles

Separation: The LRR has a central raised concrete median and grade-separated junctions

Access: Access to the LRR is restricted to fast moving vehicles only, including high-performance heavy bikes. It is fenced on either side for safety and prevention of unauthorized access by pedestrians, animals and slow-moving vehicles. Pedestrians, bicycles, low-performance motorcycles, animal-driven carriages and other slow-moving vehicles are not permitted on the LRR

Tawa gurda kapoora means kidneys and testicles in a large frying pan. The name “Taka Tak” refers to the sound made by the skillful chef while frying these organs and hitting the pan with two sharp slicers in a captivating rythm. He keeps slicing and frying them until the kapooray (testicles), gurday (kidneys), dil (heart), maghaz (brain) and chaampain (ribs) become a homogeneous mixture of meat and thick masala curry. You can make your pick and choose which parts to include in your serving. It is DELICIOUS.

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