Gilgit Baltistan


Country: Pakistan.          Province: Gilgit-Baltistan.          District: Gilgit.           Tehsil: Gilgit.

Naltar is a valley near Gilgit , Hunza and Nomal, Gilgit Baltistan in the Gilgit–Baltistan province of Pakistan. Naltar is 40 km (25 mi) from Gilgit and can be reached by jeeps. Naltar is a forested (pine) village known for its wildlife and magnificent mountain scenery. Now the communication is available by the efforts of Pakistan army signal corps (SCO special communication organization). There are ski lifts under the ‘Ski Federation of Pakistan’. Transport is available from Gilgit to Naltar but during a specific time after that own arrangement.

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There are three lakes in the Naltar valley known as ‘Bashkiri Lakes’ at a distance of 13 kilometers (08 mi) from Naltar Bala. The road from village to the lakes is nonmetallic and narrow alongside a stream throughout this road coming from the mountains. In winter it is almost impossible to reach the lake through any vehicle due to the snow (10 to 15 feet high) on the road.

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This article was published on I do not have any copyright on the pictures. I am merely publishing it here to promote Pakistan. I hope you will like the breathtaking pictures.


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